4 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Car

When looking at and buying a used car, the risk of making the wrong choice should be minimized, regardless of the class, price, and age of the car.

For this reason, we present to you 4 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Car to help you before making your final purchase decision.


It is no longer a secret that many used cars show miles that are not original. So there is no need to focus too much on the mileage. Instead, focus on the real state of the vehicle. You can do this by examining the steering wheel, foot controls, transmission lever can tell you if the car has large mileage, and so on. However, all of this is easy to repair today. It also applies to car seats, which are easy to change. Inserting a new sponges/springs and making them looks like new one are not uncommon. So if certain parts of the interior look too well preserved – there is reason to doubt.

Well-equipped and preserved used cars can trick the average customer, even those much more experienced when it comes to the real mileage.

Damaged Car

Car tinsmith will easily determine if the car has been patched so that its assistance would be excellent in this case. The good old magnet trick is great. If the magnet does not adhere to a surface, it is possible to find putty under the varnish. Special care should be taken at the bottom of the boot, as this is the hardest place to hide if the back of the car has been damaged.

It often happens that owners change doors, bumpers, etc., so pay attention to the colors between different parts of a used car.

Measuring the thickness of the varnish can reveal the subsequent painting of the surface.


The first is that smoking is a reckless habit and may indicate that the owner did not think too much about maintaining and repairing of car. Some people, even on the slightest smell of tobacco smoke, want immediately to get out of there. It is very likely that the owner kept the windows open for weeks before the sale, and that he used chemical agents that will only mask the stench until you drive the car to your home.

The second reason is that the smell of tobacco smoke will permeate all your belongings as you drive along. Pay attention to all possible signs that indicate smoking in the car.

Owners age

You are probably wondering why we wouldn’t buy a car from people under 30? People over 30 have a good memory of the way they drove when they were younger. Many accidents were happening, minor scratches due to careless driving, so the damage to the car is likely well masked.

Of course, this scale is based on subjectivism, because everyone younger than us seems imprudent and reckless.

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