5 Hacks to Make a Car Go Faster

If you are here reading this article is because you want your car to have better performance and go faster. To be able to do this you need to boost the engine power and improve the capacity of the combustion chamber. With these hacks that we are going to provide you, you will have the fastest car without spending tons of money. This article will cover the easiest modifications and speed upgrades for your car.

1. Change your Tires

The right set of wheels is enough to make a drastic change in your car’s speed and performance. Choose lighter wheels with cast aluminum alloys that will increase the speed by decreasing the weight.

The wheel’s weight is not supported by the car’s suspension which means that it is harder to accelerate than the weight that is supported by the suspension. A light set of wheels will improve the handling, braking, and performance of your car.

Also, choose fat and sticky tires, this will improve the acceleration and the cornering speed.

When you are looking to go fast it is important to have proper tire maintenance to avoid any dangerous situation and always check the tire pressure in order to have a fast but safe driving experience.

2. Reduce All the Weight you Can

Even if you have a small car with the smallest engine you can still get rid of unnecessary weight to accelerate your car and increase the speed. Replace all the bulky parts of the car with lighter components. Replace body panels with carbon fiber parts, get rid of a huge sound system, the back floorboards, carpets, back seats, throw out everything that is unused on the trunk, switch glass windows with acrylic, get disc brakes. You can also remove useless components from the interior of the car. The engine will use more power, increase the performance and have better acceleration.

3. Modify Certain Transmission Parts

The transmission is responsible for transferring the power of an engine to the driveshaft and wheels to maintain an optimal range of revolutions per minute. Altering the gearing will provide you with better speed and acceleration. By lowering the gearing with a close-ratio gearbox or low-ratio diffs, this will improve the acceleration but the top speed will be lower.

Getting a lighter flywheel will help you rev quicker. Changing gears faster will improve the acceleration and increase the speed, a short-throw shifter can help you with that.

4. Adding a Cold Air Intake

This is one of the easiest ways to increase the horsepower of a car. This is an aftermarket component that helps the air to become cold and dense. This air is mixed with the fuel and they both produce more power. More air will get into the cylinder and increase the power. It will increase fuel efficiency and improve the performance of your car.

5. Replace Older Mechanical Parts

Old mechanical parts can reduce power from the engine, but if you replace those parts with electrical ones. You will notice an increase in the performance of your vehicle and it is an inexpensive way to increase the speed.

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