5 Reasons Why Engines Lose Power Over Time

Over time, your car gets old, which results in a loss of engine power, which is influenced by some other factors. Here are five reasons why engines lose power over time:

1.Impurities on valves

Poor valve sealing can cause a loss of engine power. Valves often contain sediment and oil, which prevents the valve from fully closing or opening, causing loss of compression that can affect the air-fuel ratio. In the head of the engine are located valves through which the working mixture is injected, or the combustion is ejected. Most often, there are two on each cylinder, one is the intake, and the other is the exhaust valve.

2.Fuel pump

The fuel pump consumes over time and does not deliver the required amount of fuel over time. It can cause jerks at high engine speeds, reduced power, and problems with fuel delivery under high engine load conditions. It is very important to change the fuel filter regularly, as this will directly protect the pump. We already know that our fuel is not of the best quality, so various impurities are retained in the filter. The pump sends fuel through the filter, and it is therefore important that there is no dust in the filter. If there is dust in the filter, the pump will be tormented and will be damaged after some time.

3.Air filter

When it comes to filters and car maintenance, the most important filter is the one designed to purify the air intended for the car engine. Regular replacement of this filter is important for proper engine operation. An air filter on your car prevents dirt, particulates, dust, or other foreign matter from entering the car’s engine. An air filter, if not altered in the regular maintenance routine, can reduce engine power. When the engine is filled with dust, it does not have the sufficient airflow it needs for a quality air-fuel mix. And this affects engine power over time. An air filter is the cheapest part you can change on a car, and it can also protect the engine a lot. We advise you to maintain your car regularly and have an air filter replaced at every regular service if you want the engine to maintain the same power.

4.Exhaust system

The engines will lose power over time if you do not regularly maintain the exhaust system on your car. The exhaust system also accumulates impurities over time, especially in the back cover. Impurities combined with any rust can reduce the exhaust flow and thus reduce engine power.

5.Spark plugs on gasoline engines

Without spark plugs, there is no ignition, and therefore no engine operation. She is responsible for delivering electricity to the combustion chamber, where she ignites a compressed mixture of air and fuel with the help of a spark. Spark plugs accumulate a variety of fuel, oil, and carbon deposits over time, which can cause the engine to malfunction or make it difficult to start.

The conclusion is very simple – when the engine is well maintained, it will have maximum power.

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