5 Things to Avoid Telling a Car Dealer

Now that you have decided to buy a car, you will definitely have to negotiate the final price with a car dealer. Knowing what to say is important, but few people pay attention to what they should not say to a car dealer. Since a car dealer understands a lot about the transaction you are just about to enter into, it’s wise for you to know what not to say, lest it works to your disadvantage. Here are 5 things you should avoid telling a car dealer.

“I know so little about cars”

It will work to your disadvantage if you admit that you know so little about cars. A car dealer will know that he is dealing with someone he can gravitate towards him. Since he knows so much about cars, chances are high that he will tell you many things related to the car to entice you to buy it. Some of these details might be extras that you don’t really need. Simply put, he will lay emphasis on why you need a particular car. In the process, you might end up not getting what you need, but falling into the desires of a car dealer.

“I will pay cash”

Regardless of your ability to pay cash for the car you are looking forward to buy, don’t tell a car dealer that you are intending to do so. Actually, most of the people who buy new cars don’t pay cash. So, why should you give the impression, so early in the negotiation, that you are paying cash? The challenge with telling a car dealer that you will pay cash is that you might end up paying more. Car dealers have the impression that most people buy cars through finance, so they offer better prices for them. However, a dealer can increase the price if you tell him that you are paying cash.

“I’m an Engineer”

If you earn a good amount of money, don’t tell a car dealer. Chances are high that this might work against you. Once he realizes that you are a high-earning individual, this will be sufficient ground for him to get the most out of you. You will end up paying more than others. The best thing is to keep your profession to yourself.

“This car is like no other”

Don’t admit to a car dealer that you have loved a car, even before you negotiate for a final price. Once a car dealer sees that you find a particular car as nice and you develop a great interest in it, nothing will stop him from quoting a high price. He knows that you can pay any amount for a car you have loved. Thus, it’s prudent to avoid such a comment until the price is agreed upon.

“I really need a car”

This is a statement you have to avoid by all means. Why? It shows that you are desperate to buy a car. A dealer will interpret that statement to mean that you are ready to go home with a car regardless of the price. As a result, you will end up paying more than you would have paid. Hence, don’t give any indication that you are desperate to buy a car so that you negotiate from a level ground.

Certainly, knowing what not to say to a car dealer is as important as knowing what to say. Since you want the best deal, you must take note of the above-mentioned. It will prevent a car dealer from taking advantage of you and, consequently, help you save a good amount of money.

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