6 Causes of a Steering Wheel That Makes Noise When Turning

Just an ordinary day behind the steering wheel as you drive around doing chores. However, each time you park the car, and you start it up, strange noises seem to come from the car each time you turn the steering wheel. Either you do not hear right, or something is wrong with the steering wheel, the car, or some part you probably never heard about before. In this case, the best thing you can do is turn the steering wheel and try to identify from what part of the car the strange noises are emitting. Most likely, when strange noises begin as you turn the steering wheel, the problem could be in the steering system or the suspension system. With each turn of the steering wheel, these systems are under stress, and they can wear down in time.

1.Ball joints

They are responsible for the smooth movement of the suspension control arms and steering knuckles. The ball joints have to be lubricated; otherwise, they become dry. Once they’re dry as you turn the steering wheel, strange cranking noises indicate that the ball joints have no more lubricant. It is crucial to identify this problem because if a ball joint breaks, the steering wheel can suddenly move in any direction. This can cause damage to the car fender, tire, and suspension components.

2.The steering reservoir

This is the tank that stores the fluid for power steering. The tank has a filter to keep the steering fluid clean. If the filter got filled with debris, the steering reservoir would get clogged. The result would be that the steering system wouldn’t get any clean power steering fluid. This would create a strange noise each time you turn the steering wheel. If not corrected, it could lead to expensive repairs of power steering components.

3.Tie rod ends

Tie rod ends are what move the wheels of the car each time you turn the steering wheel. If the tie rod ends get worn out, knocking noises start coming from them. This happens every time you turn the steering wheel. Therefore, the strange noises emitting from your car with each turn of the steering wheel could indicate worn out tie rod ends. The result would be the suspension part loosening, and shakes and vibrations felt in the steering wheel while the car is in motion. They become worse as you accelerate the vehicle and turn corners.

4.Car shocks

These are what absorb vibrations and bumps along the road while you’re driving. If the shocks got bad or wore out, your car would become bouncy. Every time you turned the steering wheel, you would hear strange noises. Car shocks that become bad can affect control of the steering wheel and could cause tire wear.

5.Suspension bushings

They don’t last forever in a car. When they become bad with time, they break apart and form a crack. You’ll become aware of this every time you turn the steering wheel, and you hear a strange creaking sound. If you don’t realize they’re getting worn out, your car might shimmy in the front, or on rough roads; you might hear strange rattling or clunking noises as you turn the steering wheel or brake hard.

6.Power steering rack

Power steering rack supplies the steering rack with hydraulic fluid every time you turn the steering wheel. If you wind up with a bad power steering rack, it won’t get an adequate fluid supply. As a result, every time you turn the steering wheel, a strange whining sound will emit. The sound will get louder when you turn the car at low speeds around corners. The steering will feel loose if the steering rack begins to wear out. At high speed, the vehicle will swerve, and it will be hard to keep in your lane.

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