6 Checks You MUST Do When Buying A Used Car

All car lovers have always had the dream of buying a new agency car, the latest model, although unfortunately sometimes our budget does not allow us, but we can always count on the option of getting a used car in good condition.

The price of used cars is usually really cheap compared to a new one, but we must be careful and make sure that it is fully functional and in good quality according to its price, so we tell you 6 things you should check before buying a used car.

1.Check the exterior carefully

It is very common that the people who sell these used cars do not tell us the whole truth and try to hide problems, so it is advisable to be a little skeptic and not completely trust what they tell you. First, check the exterior of the car for possible defects, the quality of the paintwork, make sure all the windows have the factory logo (if any of them don’t, it has been changed), if you get any of these problems you can lower your offer considerably since it will cost you money to repair it.

2.Verify that the parts are original

Make sure the headlights and other parts are original. Many car brands use to put their logo on the parts to help identify that they are original. If you notice that they are not, this may indicate that they have had to repair it and have used a cheap spare part. Also, make sure that the doors, locks and child lock are working properly.

3.Inspect the Interior

The interior can show us the reality of the conditions in which the car is. Look carefully at the wear and tear on the steering wheel, gear lever, pedals, make sure the seats are square in position, that the upholstery is not broken or in bad condition and that the air conditioning cools down properly.

4.Test that all electrical wiring works

It is recommended that when the car is stopped, you turn it on and start testing that all the lights turn on and off as they should, the indicators, the fog lights, the brake lights, etc. In addition, we must check that the entire board lights up properly, even test the music equipment to check that all the horns are connected.

5.Look under the hood

This is the most crucial part and where most problems are hidden. If you don’t have much knowledge of mechanics the best thing to do is to take the car to a workshop. While this will cost us some money, it is worth it, a specialist will be able to thoroughly check the whole engine, and let us know if the car would need a repair or maintenance, and how much it would cost us to adjust the purchase price.

6.Drive the car

The most common thing is to take a short ride of just a few minutes, but this is not enough. Normally we would drive at low speeds when making a turn inside the neighborhood, but what we should do is get out on a highway to drive at high speeds, it is in these circumstances where we really test the vehicle, and if we feel strange vibrations or something sounds strange, it means that something is not working well.

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