We all know the significance of taking care of a car’s engine, but at times we tend to overlook the potential warning signs terming them minor or something that doesn’t require immediate repair. A Car engine being one of the most expensive components of any car should not be taken lightly. Total engine failure can result in costly repairs, and thus the need to get the problems addressed upon detection regardless of how minor they might be.

As a car owner, it is easy to tell when all is not well with your car engine. This is because you know the ins and outs of your car, and when there is something suspicious such as noises or smoke, you’ll quickly tell. Being informed about what to look for in a car’s engine damage will help you to detect the problem and get it addressed before turning into catastrophic.

So, let’s look at the signs and symptoms of engine damage.

1.Increased Exhaust

If you realize excessive smoke is coming off your car tailpipe, then this is an indication that there might be a problem with your engine that needs to be addressed. You can quickly tell what type of problem facing your engine based on the color of the smoke. Blue smoke is a sign of fuel combustion, whereas white exhaust is a sign of coolant in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, black smoke means there is excessive consumption of fuel.

2.Reduced Performance

A decline in fuel efficiency, difficulties in accelerating your car, and car failure to ignite are all hints that there is something wrong with your engine that needs to be addressed immediately. However, these problems should be fixed by a professional mechanic.

3.Abnormal Fuel Consumption

Increased intake of fuel is as a result of a fault in the manner in which your car engine processes fuel. Keep in mind to check the engine light and other indicators of the engine problem. If your car is consuming more fuel than before, then it is good to have it diagnosed and the problem fixed by a professional mechanic. This will help you to mitigate the damage and avoid expensive repairs.

4.Rough Idle

If your vehicle turns off every time you make a stopover, then there is a need to visit an auto shop. Mostly, this problem is, as a result, a fuel delivery issue, though it might be originating from other issues that may be significant or minor.

5.Strange Noises

A strange sound coming from your car is an indication of a blowing engine. This noise could be as a result of damage to your car engine’s mechanical components such as moving parts, pistons, and bearings. If you notice such sounds coming from your car, then you should take it to the mechanic with immediate effect to mitigate damage.

6.Inconsistency in Running of Engine

Pay attention to the sound that emanates from your engine while driving your car. If it is inconsistent, then this is an indication that your car engine is unstable, and that’s why it keeps on shuttering, shaking, and losing power with an increase in speed. To get these problems fixed, visit the nearest auto shop.

7.Smelling Odors from Inside the Car

Note that the smell originating from your car’s emissions should not be detected from inside. If you can smell engine fumes or any other suspicious odors, then there might be a problem with your engine. These smells will not go away until the problem is fixed. Have the car diagnosed by a professional mechanic and get the issue addressed.

As mentioned above, an engine is an integral component of the car and, at times, is referred to as the heart of the car. Keeping it in good condition can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and vice versa. So as to avoid expensive repairs, it is essential to get the problems addressed as soon as they are detected.

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