Automatic vs manual transmission: which is better?

With the introduction of the automatic transmission, it raises the question: automatic vs manual transmission: which is better? Transmissions are your key to move your car from one point to another. It allows you to change gears, transfer the power from your engine until you are able to drive. Considering this fact, transmissions are essential to every vehicle. There is no solid study yet which kind of transmission is better. It all depends on the experience of the user. So, if you want a real answer to this question, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of transmission.

Automatic transmissions

Some users say that automatic transmissions have outperformed the manual type because of certain reasons. One of which is the simplicity and easiness of use. When you use a manual transmission, you have to make time so that you can practice before you can comfortably drive a car. You can’t start without learning the proper way to shift gears. Unlike manual transmission, the automatic type is simpler to use and you will incur less time to learn to use it.

You will also find automatic transmission less manually restrictive since you can keep both of your hands on the wheel most of the time. If you are traveling to hilly areas, this is ideal for you even if you are just starting out as a driver. Manual transmissions are more complicated to run on steep inclines. Finally, automatic transmissions work best during heavy traffic. You don’t need to go through the hassle of working more on manual transmissions just to accelerate, decelerate, and stop.

The only downside of an automatic transmission is at the cost of maintaining it. You will likely spend more on maintenance rather than on training on wheels. But, if it’s fine with you, then there is no major issue here.

Manual transmissions

There are still people who choose manual transmissions, especially the ones who learned to drive with it. What’s great about manual transmissions is that it is more affordable to purchase. Automatic cars today are more expensive to buy. Although a lot of drivers are switching to automatic transmissions now, the budget is still a limitation for some drivers. Unlike an automatic transmission, the manual type is cheaper to maintain. You can save more money when you have manual cars compared to automatic ones.

If you are looking for a major reason why manual transmissions are better, you might want to consider the better fuel efficiency you can get. Manual transmissions tend to have more gears and it is less complex. You will surely end up reaching more kilometers. you can save 5-15% of your fuel cost with this type of transmission.

You will encounter disadvantages if you are not used to manual transmissions. As an example earlier, manual cars are harder to use when you are driving in a hilly place.

The answer on which is better between the two lies in the experience of the user. It’s you who can tell the better between the two.

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