Four Things You Should Never Do In A Turbocharged Vehicle

A turbocharged vehicle is one whose engine uses the turbine-driven forced induction method to power it. It forces the air to the engine to enable it to get more power output.

Below are four things that you should never do while in a turbocharged vehicle

1. Don’t lug the engine

Lugging your engine means you are driving the car on a high gear but at a low engine. This puts more load on the engine as it is trying to accelerate. In a turbocharged vehicle, accelerating the engine results in more emissions that can easily damage the exhaust system ice the car cannot generate that amount of power.

When the vehicle is in a higher gear, you should never try to accelerate harder. Low- speed ignition is a condition that happens in small turbocharged vehicles. This condition may lead to the vehicle having damaged pistons and spark plugs. You should always change to a lower gear to enable in

easier acceleration and avoid overburdening the engine.

2. Don’t Accelerate Hard when coming out of a Corner

A turbocharged vehicle produces a lot more power than normal engine vehicles. If you press the accelerating button while in a corner, the engine might not deliver the power to the tires and this may cause the vehicle to lose balance. In this case, you might either oversteer or understeer.

The best advice for when you are at the corner is to always go soft and slow. You should only accelerate when you have a straight road ahead. This one highly depends on the set up of your vehicle and your driving skills. It is always necessary to be cautious than sorry when it comes to this.

3. Don’t Switch Off Your Car Immediately

After a spirited driving, you should let the vehicle engine to cool down first. This might be different from the regular shutting down of normal cars, but, switching off the car immediately may result in damaging the internal components of the vehicle. The turbocharged vehicle generates a lot of heat and the oil acts as the cooling agent.

You should let everything cool down first to allow consistent oil temperatures to circulate through the engine. If the hot oil stagnates for a long while as it is in contact with the metal parts, it ends up disintegrating and burning in the long run. You should speed down the car when you are nearing the halt to allow the cooling. This becomes a good place to shut the vehicle without damaging any part.

4. Don’t Buy Low Quality Fuel

A turbocharged vehicle runs on a lower compression rate than a normal engine. This means that you should steer off any lower octane fuels. If you want your vehicle to perform at its best, you should always invest in the best and high-quality fuel.

Quality fuel will ensure your vehicle avoids knocking and ensure runs efficiently. This will also enhance is the extension of your vehicle’s lifespan and boost its performance.

Better Safe than Sorry

All these issues are sensible and the tips should be followed keenly to avoid damaging the turbocharged vehicles. The tips mainly apply to modified vehicles and those older than 10 years. It is, however, safer to ensure to follow them to avoid regrets.

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