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As our client, your privacy policy is of significant importance to our website ;, This privacy statement contains the explanation of the personal data we process, the methods we use to handle them, and how it benefits our company. Our company offers a wide range of products and services. This statement references the privacy statements covering every good or service.

Please ensure that you read through each privacy statement covering individual products or services provided in this privacy policy for addition and the most relevant information regarding their uses. This privacy statement represents the interactions our company has with you as our potential client and the products and services that display this statement.

The data we collect.

The data collection process in our company is done by interaction in the way you use our products and services. We collect some data from you through our field interaction in the course of products or service delivery. Some we collect through the way you use and experience our products and services. We also have a sophisticated online system that can interact with you in various ways upon visiting our website.

The system can collect your data by signing up options and agreement forms. When you agree to use our terms to get service, the system automatically collects your details, and it will be saved in our database for statistical measures and referencing when the need arises. Our online platform provides data options that you can choose to share your data with us. If you decline to share your data, the system will automatically disable your data personalization, and its feature will not be able to work for you.

How we use personal data

We use your data to provide you with an interactive experience with our platform in the following ways:

•To develop and improve our products and services.

•To make recommendations regarding our products and services.

•It is of use during advertisements and product promotions.

•To provide updates, support, and data sharing to you regarding our service provision and to carry out your service request.

In most cases, data collected can be also be used to analyze our performance with time, for the development of our workforce, and researching market trends.

The collected data will then be processed for the above purposes through both manual and system automated ways. The system automated analysis is done by our well sophisticated artificial intelligent (AI) systems, which process the information and come up with several solutions or suggestions as we do as humans. The information processed systematically will then be combined with manual analysis, and the final solution will be then executed by the company staff step by step to ensure that our clients receive better services from us.

Reasons we share personal data

In some instances, your data can be shared under our company policy. The data cannot be shared without your consent. We share your data in cases where we want to complete your transaction or when we are providing the service or product upon your request. We also share your data with affiliates working on behalf of our organization under the laid down company laws and legal process to ensure that your data is protected, and also to maintain the security of our products and services.

How to access/control your personal data

As a client, you are also free to make a choice on how you want us to collect and use your data with us. You can have control of the data that we obtain from you and participate in the protection of your data by conducting use through the provided tools in our systems. The access and control of data by our clients can also be limited due to other laid down laws and regulations by our company. In case you want to gain access and control of your data with us, it will depend on the services and products you are using. The example is when you want to perform the following actions;

•when you want to clear other user data on our platform.

•when you are choosing whether you would need to receive a promotion message from our company in your mail.

•when you want to use your data for interest-based advertisements in our platform.

Remember: our company states that not all the data provided by a client/customer can be accessed and controlled through the above ways. Your data cannot be available via the publicly used tools unless you contact the company support with you proofs of identity for further assistance on how you will access and use your data in your preferred ways.

Change of our privacy policy.

Our company is focused on building and maintaining trust with our users/customers and that is what keeps us in business. We are aware that we may not be in constant voice-to-voicee communication on regular basis, but our trust will remain in the laid down terms of service and privacy policy that you signed to bind the relationship between you and us.

We, therefore, inform all our users/customers/clients that our privacy policy can be updated from time to time in regard to changing terms of service and other updates in our daily operations.

The change in our privacy policy might affect the ways we use to operate with our potential clients traditionally. In cases of our policy change, you will be informed before we make and effective change. The communications are to be sent to users’ emails through our official email address on any issue concerning the change of our privacy policy.

We will also go further and create another additional blog posts on your news section pages, crate pop-ups on your home landing pages to ensure that you are informed of the policy change before you begin any interactions with our website.

You will be provided the opportunity to leave if you find it difficult to comply with our new policies. In our notification emails or pop-ups, we will ensure that we provide you with links that will take you to the new policy indicating the sections where the key changes should be effected.

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