Are you shopping for a used car and have noticed several sweet deals? That is amazing. However, if you do not take caution, you can quickly get scammed and end up spending more on repairs. That is why it is imperative to inspect every detail, huge or minor, and, if possible, have a trusted mechanic to help you during the process. With the help of the tips and hacks below, you will have sellers’ betraying signs that you tell you when to run from that car dealership.

1.Mismatched panels and body parts

Misaligned parts are one of the top signs that you are better off not purchasing the car. Some dealers will try convincing you that these are minor problems, but this could just be a way to conceal the real issue. As a result, make sure the doors, the car trunk, and all body panels are in stable condition and function as supposed. With more inspection, you can quickly tell if the automobile has been through worse days than the salesman is telling you.

2.Crooked interiors

More often than not, a dealer/salesperson will oversell a beautiful exterior to make you overlook the interior. The inside of a car is the base of all comfort, style, and design. A shady interior is characterized by rips, pigments, stains, and cracks that are tricky and costly to repair. Some stains are a sign of flooding, which can only mean potential electric hiccups.

3.A fishy test-drive or lack of

A thorough test-drive is a significant step before purchasing any car. If the salesman is rigid on allowing you to test the efficiency of the vehicle, it is time for you to walk away. Also, whenever the automobile is already turned on before you test-drive, it could be because the seller is hiding a problem, they don’t want you to notice. A lot of used cars are prone to having issues while starting the engine, so you should always take note of this. You should also check the suspension at this point.

4.Unlicensed dealers

Another commonly missed warning sign is a dealer that does not have a license or permit. The presence of a license indicates a higher chance of transparency and professionalism. To avoid such dealers and salespeople, do your research well before purchasing a used car from a particular dealership.

5.An impulsive and loud-mouthed seller

Anytime a salesperson puts any pressure on you, it is common to make a rushed decision, which is your loss and their gain. An honest dealer will take their time to ensure all your queries are answered. A fishy or shady seller will try their best to avoid an inspection by an expert mechanic to get rid of the car fast. Dealers who are impulsive and want a quick sale are an indication you should not buy the second-hand car.

6.Altered Mileage and Repair records

The odometer clock is supposed to match with the car’s age and its appearance. If a dealer has manipulated the odometer, it is obvious they are hiding something. Additionally, the dealer should provide you with the service records to confirm the automobile has been adequately repaired and by a pro mechanic. A seller who has taken proper care of the vehicle means all repairs were legit.

Even though you are buying a used car, you should look for quality. At the end of the day, you are spending your hard-earned money, and you might as well make sure it is worth it.

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