Top 5 easy ways to keep your engine running like new

The engine is the most important thing in the car. If you keep your engine running like new, you can extend the life of your car. Here are the top 5 easy ways to keep your engine running like new:

1.Replace fuel filters regularly

Fuel filters should be changed following a standard car maintenance schedule every 15 to 25 thousand kilometers. Filters are consumable parts, and after a certain period of use, require inspection and replacement.

Occurrences that indicate the need to replace the fuel filter are:

  • uneven engine operation,
  • inability to start or severely start the engine,
  • engine shutdown on the road due to fuel supply problems,
  • difficulty in operating the engine at low speeds

2.Change the oil regularly

The oil filter should also be replaced every time you change the oil if you want the engine to run like new. You should control the engine oil level every 500 kilometers. If you use quality engine oil, and the vehicle engine is in good condition, the oil consumption is minimal.

The need for an oil change can also be recognized by symptoms such as:

darker oil color, increased sound and throbbing of the engine, ignition of the oil lamp, Exhaust smoke from the exhaust, the smell of oil in the car cab.

3.Replace the air filters regularly

All you have to do is open the box in the hood containing the filter and make sure the air is clear. If you notice that the dirt has accumulated to such an extent that it impairs airflow, it is time for a new filter. Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency and improve acceleration. It is mainly because your car has to breathe clean air, just like you. Regular replacement of the air filter in your engine will make it running like new.

4.Maintain engine cleanliness

The easiest way to damage the engine is to allow dirt and soot to accumulate in it. In this case, you not only compromise engine performance but also shorten its life. The car’s engine and enclosure must be clean for various reasons. The first and most important thing is to detect irregularities such as leaks or lack of oil on time. If you keep your engine clean regularly, it will run like new. The engine must be completely cold before washing. The surfaces that we want to wash should be sprayed with a suitable detergent and degreaser of the engine in liquid or spray, and you must avoid splashing sensitive electronics and individual connections.

5.Check the coolant level regularly

Over time, the coolant due to the oxidation of ethylene or propylene glycol becomes acidic, which can damage the cooling system. Check the engine cooling system regularly to avoid overheating. Make sure the coolant level is at maximum and check the coolant hoses. For the cooling system to function properly, it is necessary to maintain the recommended level of antifreeze in the system and to observe the recommended replacement period.

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