Top 6 Reasons Your Car is Shaking or Vibrating

When we buy a new or low mileage car, we never think that after a few years our unit may have defects, despite the many cares that are taken. One of these is undoubtedly the annoying vibration, which originates in the car when driving and we have no idea where it comes from.

That is why we give you five reasons why your car vibrates:

1.Engine problems

Sometimes the vibration emanates from the engine compartment, this may be because the engine is not getting enough air, gasoline or something is wrong with the spark plugs.

Among the symptoms that indicate if this behavior comes from the motor are:

  • The car vibrates during acceleration.
  • It shakes during a specific speed range.
  • It turns on well and is handled correctly at the beginning, but then begins to wiggle.

These symptoms are indicators that you need a pair of new spark plugs. But if these are good, it may be that the cables of the same are not properly connected or have a defect, so they must be replaced.

Finally, a dirty air filter or clogged gasoline can deprive the engine of oxygen and gasoline, respectively. That is why it is necessary to change them in the interval marked by the manufacturer.

2.Problems in the axis

Cars are full of various rotating parts that need to work that way to work properly. Among these are the axes. These can be damaged “easily” during a crash and thus twist, generating a vibration in the car when it drives at high speeds.

A related problem that may require inspection is the transmission shaft. This part that rotates quickly, passes the engine power to the rear axle and wheels where traction is rear. If this piece is bent it can generate vibration.

Another of the parts that can cause the car to shake is the homokinetic joints – these parts are those that are covered by a plastic accordion. If they are very worn or damaged, due to the filtration of dust and dirt, it will be necessary to change them.

3.Brake problems

If when driving your vehicle and pressing the brake pedal, it starts to vibrate, you probably have a problem with the rotors.

The rotor is the bright, disc-shaped component that is part of the brake system. This can be buckled and torn, due to overheating caused by slowing down more than normal; to a point where the disk no longer holds. Instead of being completely flat, it is finished and uneven on its surface.

The best thing, in this case, is to see a specialist to tell you the conditions of the discs or the drums, if your unit has this type of brakes.

4.Unstable tires

If you feel the vibration on the steering wheel when driving. The most logical thing to think about is that you have a wheel alignment problem. However, they can be for many other reasons.

A tire is unstable because the studs are not holding it properly to the drive axle. The dice may be only loose and need to be tightened, but on the other hand, they may be damaged, so their strings or head can no longer withstand the pressure they are subjected to.

Another reason is that the tire is deflected. This means that its structure is crooked causing its circular rotation is not perfect when turning. Specialist technicians use precision instruments to determine if it is really bent more than half an inch. If they find this problem, they will correct it or in their case, the most common is to buy a new tire.

5.Steering joints problems

Another of the causes in the tires for which the car vibrates may be that the steering joints if they are very worn, cause the tire to have a lot of play at high speeds.

The vibration in the tires can be caused by many reasons, here we only comment a few, it is best to go with a specialist who can tell you precisely what the problem is, in addition to what we already mentioned at this point.

6.Wheel problems

Linked to the previous point, a vibration factor in the vehicle can also be the poor condition of the tires.

Although these were six reasons why your car could vibrate, it is always important that if the problem is not visible. Ask your mechanic or specialist for help in determining what is happening.

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